Adapt your one-to-one approach.

Telefundraising Services To Acquire Monthly Donors

Conversation is the most compelling form of fostering connections. At Globalfaces Direct, we have adapted our leading face-to-face techniques to include outbound direct acquisition from our 100+ person call centre.

PCI Compliant Telefundraising With Globalfaces Direct

Our fundraising team leverages years of canvassing experience, along with data and deployment digital tools, to target your telefundraising efforts. We are able to serve specific acquisition strategies, based on your donor needs and status.

We are a leading face-to-face fundraising service partner, committed to the power of human connection to foster long-term relationships.

Contact us today to hear how our call centre can support additional acquisition campaigns and help restore dormant donors into long-term sustainers.

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    Outbound direct acquisition fundraising strategies:

    F2F-Lead Conversion

    Support campaigns with a focus on face-to-face follow-ups.

    Lapsed Reactivation

    Re-engagement communication to reactivate recently lapsed monthly donors.

    Legacy Campaigns

    Secure legacy gifts for your organization.

    Donor Upgrade

    Stewardship of existing donor base to acquire higher or more frequent giving.

    “At a time of constrained human connection, Globalfaces worked with us to creatively alter our methods of direct acquisition. Their telefundraising efforts proved to be a huge success by reengaging 48% of lapsed donors when our foundation needed it the most.”

    Outbound Donor Reactivation, In Action

    Problem: Locating the lapse

    Problem: Locating the lapse

    Over the course of a challenging year, our foundation partner had amassed a list of lapsed monthly donors. These former donors needed a reason to re-engage with a cause they once supported.

    Solution: Compassionate conversations

    Solution: Compassionate conversations

    We realized quickly that we needed to strike a renewed connection with the cause and, with distancing measures in place, we took to telefundraising tactics to make a compassionate appeal.

    Result: Reactivation realized

    Result: Reactivation realized

    Rather than a scripted solicitation, we listened. Using a strategy of stewardship, we found that many lapses hadn’t happened out of haste, instead, many were situational. As a result, we were able to reactivate 48% of donors by augmenting a plan that fit within a renewed giving routine.

    Conversations that convert

    Our team of over 100 telefundraising agents have engaged on behalf of a wide range of North American charities.

    In 2020 we partnered with UNICEF, BC Cancer Foundation and the Heart and Stroke Foundation to keep their cause top-of-mind during COVID.

    I’m interested in telefundraising